Is your toilet fit for a King?

The humble toilet is one of those things we take for granted. The earliest flushing versions can be traced back to 1596 (John Harrington) but it wasn’t until the late-1800s that they became practical enough for residential properties.  125+ years on we are fortunate enough to have an almost never-ending choice of designs, forms and technologies, to make our bathroom time just a little more comfortable.


You see, the bathroom is somewhere we spend more time than perhaps we realise. Indeed, if we add up all those unavoidable ‘natural breaks’ then – over our entire lifetime – we’re talking an awful lot of time: some websites estimate we spend between 1.50 and 3.00 years of our life in the bathroom!


For most of us, a new toilet might not be top of the wish list, but – if we factor in the amount of time it gets used – don’t we deserve the absolute best?  Shouldn’t our toilet, washroom, lavatory, powder room, potty, WC, loo, and a bunch of less polite names – be amazing and comfortable? 

The management at Hang Fung Gold Technology Group in Hong Kong took this concept to one extreme, with their 24-carat solid gold toilet. At the height of its value, this infamous tourist attraction, was worth an estimated $32 million USD – now that’s a toilet truly worthy of the title ‘the throne’!

If you don’t have a cool $32 million USD hidden underneath the mattress, fear not – because we’re offering an amazing special in June and July.  Don Evans Plumbers will supply and install a replacement toilet in and around Ipswich, starting at from just $350 AUD (see flyer[sj1] ). It might not be a throne made of solid gold, but it will give you a toilet fit for a King!


Of course, you’re also very welcome to give us a call – we’re always here to provide help and advice with your plumbing and drainage!  Contact  us now on 3294 0105 for a free, no obligation quote. For more free hints and tips on Plumbing, visit our Facebook  page


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