Careers in Plumbing – how to become an apprentice plumber

Plumbing is one of those professional trades that’s always in high demand.  If you’re good with your hands, with a logical approach to solving problems it could be the perfect job. In this free guide, we outline some insider tips to starting a career as a qualified plumber.

As with all professions, there’s the initial catch-22 situation: it’s difficult to get a job without experience; and, it’s difficult to get experience without a job. To make matters worse, apprenticeships don’t always get advertised. For example, Don Evans Plumbers have employed 17 apprentices, 4 of whom are currently training – not one of these roles was advertised.

So, what’s the advice?  Simply put, be proactive – contact local companies asking for work experience opportunities or casual labouring vacancies.  It’s important to understand, an apprenticeship is a significant investment for employers. If you are proactive, flexible and reliable you’ll maximise your chances of being selected as an apprentice. 

If this route isn’t successful, then consider enrolling into Tafe for the Certificate 1 in Plumbing Services.  This qualification counts towards your Apprenticeship and also offers work experience opportunities. After completing Certificate 1, then re-contact the local companies: the additional Tafe training / experience will make you more attractive.

Once you’ve joined a plumbing company there is often a 3-month probation period. You’ll be signed up with Apprenticeships Queensland and the most convenient Tafe. In total, to complete the training can take 4 years – although, it is possible to graduate earlier. Once you’re a fully qualified plumber, there are specialist courses in areas such as Gas, Backflow and Solar.

The best advice we can give is being proactive and persistent. Why? Because, being a plumber is not just a job … it’s a career! At Don Evans Plumbers, we’ve helped many people through their apprenticeships and it’s very rewarding, and we look forward to training many more! 

Of course, you’re also very welcome to give us a call – we’re always here to provide help and advice with your plumbing!  Contact[sj1]  us now on 3294 0105 for a free, no obligation quote. For more free hints and tips on Plumbing, visit our Blog and Facebook pages[sj2] .

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