5 essential plumbing tips from a qualified plumber

Plumbing tips One of the most common issues in commercial and residential plumbing is people failing to spot the warning signs. Often, they overlook minor issues and/or don’t perform routine checks. Simply put, they – do nothing – and hope the problems will go away by themselves.

Of course, not every dripping tap is a disaster waiting to happen – but – many common problems can be an early indication of something more serious. The interesting thing is – many of the plumbing emergencies we handle in Brisbane are avoidable and preventable.

It’s often easier, faster and cheaper for experienced plumbers to fix minor issues before they become major disasters. The good news is, with our free hints and tips – home and business owners can easily identify the warning signs, themselves:

Tip 1 Look for Wet Spots: check under sinks, in attics and crawl spaces. If you find any traces of damp or mould, this might indicate your pipes are leaking!

Tip 2 Monitor water Pressure: if your shower starts losing pressure, or kitchen / bathroom taps begin to run slowly, this might be a sign of ‘build up’ or ‘partial blockage’ inside your pipes!

Tip 3 Check the Water Heater: inspect your water heater regularly, for any sign of rust and corrosion. This is an early warning indicator that it needs servicing or replacing!

Tip 4 Check for Gas Leaks: spray some soapy water onto the gas shut off valve, located near the water heater. If you see any sign of bubbles forming, this might indicate a gas leak!

Tip 5 – Be prepared!: emergencies happen, so plan ahead. First, ensure you know where your shut-off valves are. Second, have the number of a reliable qualified plumber stored in your mobile phone. If disaster strikes, you’ll be able to act fast!

The best thing is, these free hints and tips are simple, quick and require no plumbing or DIY experience. If you spot any of the warning signs, then seek plumbing advice – before things get worse. Simply put, the earlier you call us, the easier, faster and cheaper it will be to keep you safe.

Do you need help and advice with your Plumbing? Contact us now on 3294 0105 for a free, no obligation quote. For more free hints and tips on Plumbing, come back to our blog soon as we will have 5 more next month or visit our Facebook page.

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